Friday, December 30, 2011

Unto The Very End


~I want to know your Passion’s fire
burning deep inside~
~Indulge in of your deep desires
lay with you the night~
~Embrace you in of warming kiss
tongues entwined in dance~
~Enter that of Passion’s bliss
lost within her trance~
~Kiss the softness of your skin
in slender of your neck~
~Feel you quiver from within
when I touch your breast~
~Suck your nipples firm in rise
rosen red in nibbed~
~Protruding in of tantalize
escaping not my lips~
~Caress your body in of length
mapping every curve~
~Inhale your sweet in sultry scent
exiting sensual nerves~
~Round the regions of your ass
exploring sweet delights~
~Tasting of the fruited path
unto your inner thighs~
~Nibble on forbidden’s fruit
ripening of the vine~
~Drink of that be from her root
Passion’s lusty wine~
~In penetrate your gardens bed
feel your inner flame~
~Deep inside so warm in wet
bringing on the pain~
~Hear your every moan in sigh
say my name in lust~
~Feel the quivering of your thighs
in that be cumming of~
~Hear your heart beat in your chest
singing in of rhyme~
~As I lay my head your breast
high on Passion’s wine~
~Fall asleep be of embraced
entwined in that be of~
~Our fingers locked be interlaced
dreaming of our Love~ 
~Wake the morning feeling spry 
in making Love again~
~Hear you quiver moan in sigh
unto the very end~
Duke Sherman

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