Friday, December 23, 2011

Merry Christmas Caitlin


                                                              To My Granddaughter:
~You are in that the greatest gift
God in gave to us~
~The granting of a special wish
an Angel in our trust~
~To love in hold in keep you safe
to help you grow up strong~
~To teach of God in all his ways
in that of right from wrong~
~I say a prayer for you each night
I ask the Lord of this~
~To always keep you in his sight
in grant your every wish~
~In that the start of every day
to give you health in love~
~In friends to share your sweet arrays
these things I pray in of~
~I ask for happiness in your life
in all things great and small~
~In that you never live in strife
I prayed for most of all~
~May the joy in peace of Christmas day
always be with you~
~May the Angels keep you in their way
may your every wish ring true~
Duke Sherman
Pawpaw Duke

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