Friday, December 23, 2011

You Are My Fantasy

~You are in that my fantasy
my every dream in of~
~In raging fire inside of me
Passion’s burning lust~
~Of that the strength be my desire
burns between my legs~
~In that of setting my seed afire
screaming in of beg~
~Come lye with me be next my side
in that of making love~
~Of that the night unto the light
fulfilling our every lust~
~Embrace we will in that of kiss
tongues in that of dance~
~Tasting one in other’s lips
subdued within a trance~
~Filling our every thought of pleasure
with reality~
~Inhale your every moan in quiver
of sensuality~
~Whisper lullabies in your ear
caressing of your spine~
~Sensations touched in tingles sear
rising in of climb~
~Rain kisses down your longing neck
unto your fruited breast~
~Suck your nipples cherry red
swollen in erect~
~Drink of that between your thighs
sweet in nectar of~
~Cumming from of deep inside
warm in liquid love~
~Make love to you en every way
feel our fire burn~
~In that to quench our every crave
lusting in our yearn~
~Entwined in that be of as one
consumed by Passion’s fire~
~Unto the light of morning’s sun
in that of our desires~
Duke Sherman

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