Monday, December 26, 2011

I Long To Feel

~I long to feel the shivers of
your sweet in tender skin~
~In that be of in making Love
quivering from within~
~Slowly nibble down your length
nipping here in there~
~Inhale your sweet in sultry scent
of that your body bare~
~Hear you murmur welcome sighs
feel your body sear~
~Explore your sweet in Derriere
unto your inner thighs~
~Taste of that forbidden fruit
hanging from the vine~
~Drink the nectar from the root
of warm in lucid wine~
~My senses reeling in of pleasure
intoxicating me~
~In that my body shakes in tremors
lusting in of spree~
~Fulfill your wildest Carnal wish
of that be ecstasy~
~Entering that of Passion’s Bliss
emoting in deity~
~Skin to skin thrust deep within
stirring Passion’s roux~
~Drunk on that of sweetest sin
cumming in my spew~
~In that you scream of pleasure be
erotically insane~
~Together reaching our ecstasy
sweetest of all pain~
~Entwined in that of Love’s embrace
searing in as one~
~Fingers grasping interlaced
the web of Love be spun~
Duke Sherman

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