Saturday, December 17, 2011

"The Sweetest Sin"

~Lips in locked of Passion's bliss
hypnotised by lust~
~Tasting one another's spit
senses run amok~
~Tongues entwined in of desire
in that be lusting of~
~Embraced in that of Passion's fire
burning in our blood~
~Of glazing haze in fills your eyes
flushing in your face~
~Breathing shallows in murmuring sighs
quickens in of pace~
~I feel the rhythm of your heart
thudding in your chest~
~Between my groins lye thick in hard
of that be my erect~
~In that of throbbing be full of pain
my seed be of aroused~
~Burning in of Passion's flame
fighting to break out~
~I tease your neck in of caress
taking off your bra~
~Feel the silky of your breast
warm in tender soft~
~Suckling nipples full in firm
inviting my hungry lips~
~I suck one each in that of turn
mapping your curvy hips~
~Run my hand between your legs
touching your inner thighs~
~You moan in sigh anticipate
my finger slips inside~
~Warm in wet in of seduce
I crave your sweet divine~
~Of that be of forbidden fruit 
ripening on the vine~
~I lick I kiss I taste your sweat
unto the nectar's flow~
~Inhale be that the sultry scent
in of the afterglow~
~Place my face your inner thigh
slip my tongue within~
~In quench my thirst from be inside
of that the sweetest sin~
~Drunk on pleasure my seed inflames 
fighting to break out~
~My throbbing hard imbued with pain
gorging in of stout~
~I climb your luscious in of length
kissing in caress~
~Passions be in fully brimmed
bodies drenched in sweat~
~I rise in enter your sweet divine
with hunger in of thrust~
~Feel the fire burn inside
flaming in of lust~
~In be out in even thrusts
moving side to side~
~You gaze at me in be of lust
moan in quiver sigh~
~I strain in that I feel the pain
be burning of my seed~
~Be that within of Passion's flame
we cum in ecstasy~
Duke Sherman

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