Thursday, December 1, 2011

I Felt A Beast Within

~Within my groin I felt a beast
hunting for his prey~
~In that of hunger in to eat
of that between her legs~
~Body stout be long in hard
a mighty roar in be~
~Of that be ready in to charge
be taking of the feast~
~He smelt her scent be sweet in wet
be of her inner core~
~In pain be hunger of beset
let out a mighty roar~
~Be that the hunger in the beast
be ever in of grow~
~Within in his belly lye in seed
burning in to flow~
~Spotted his lusted in of prey
took her from the rear~
~Warm be wet between her legs
in penetration pierced~
~She took it be in that of please
with but a moan in sigh~
~In that be want in of his seed
took it deep inside~
~In be out he fed unto
hunger satisfied.
~Be that of full came out in spew
in that of gratified~
~The beast in that begot his prey
sweet in be the prize~
~Of that between in of her legs
gorging in delight~
Duke Sherman

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