Saturday, December 10, 2011

Fellatio's Ecstasy

~Of that my soul is set afire
mere the thought of you~
~White hot passion in desire
burning in me through~
~To be embraced within of kiss
tongues be interwined~
~Drink of that your sultry spit
sweet in lucid wine~
~Lick your soft in silky skin
nibble on your neck~
~Ignite your passions from within
suck your wanting breast~
~Rip off in that be all your clothes
expose your tenderness~
~Wash your body head to toe
kissing in caress~
~Indulge in that between your thighs
a small but tasty fruit~
~Drink the nectar deep inside
cumming from the root~
~Of sweet elixir milky clear
in potion of desire~
~Warm in pure be of in sear
cooked in passion’s fire~
~Between my legs ignites in flames
my shaft be hard in stout~
~Swelled of full in that of pain
my seed be wanting out~
~You play with that be of my sack
suck my hard in stout~
~I feel the seed within my shaft
bustling cumming out~
~You moan in shake in quiver sigh
drink the cumming seed~
~I rest my head upon your thigh
in that of ecstasy~
Duke Sherman 

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