Friday, December 9, 2011

I Burn Within Your Kiss

~In that my dreams I dream of us
be that in making love~
~Deep down within of that my soul
I burn within your kiss~
~From them be passion to unfold
in of your sultry lips~
~Rosen red of glistening wet
sweet be like in wine~
~Soft be of in tenderness
tongues be intertwined~
~My heart in racing be as yours
beating like a drum~
~Our bodies lusting something more
sensations overrun~
~I kiss your long in slender neck
lick your inner ear~
~Find my way unto your breast
nipples swelled in seared~
~I suck in hunger be of lust
my hands explores your hips~
~In search be that be there in of
carnal sensuous bliss~
~My blood be hot in that of fire
passions running high~
~I have in thirst be that desire
to drink within your thighs~
~I kiss in tender your body’s length
your skin be silk in soft~
~The sweet of rose be in your scent
I find that special spot~
~Mandarin paired in luscious fruit
I taste the nectar’s flow~
~Warm be sweet unto the root
enticing be in glow~
~Delicious in beyond belief
of that be honey dew~
~Thick in clear this milky treat
cumming out of you~
~Within my groin be hard in stout
gorging thick in round~
~I feel you slip it in your mouth
throbbing be profound~
~My seed be bustling firm in full
hungered in to bleed~
~I sense the pain in cumming spew
fighting to be freed~
~I hear you beg me not to stop
the pleasure be intense~
~Between your thighs the special spot
cumming in ascent~
~You jerk in quiver let out in sigh
increasing of the flow~
~I strain in that of coincide
you swallow down the load~
~Next you mount me like a steed
ride me like a bronc~
~Move in up be down unto my bleed
my seed in cumming crop~
~The night be full in pleasures of
sinful ecstasy ~
~Of that be in of making Love~
Duke Sherman

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