Thursday, December 8, 2011

Passion's Potion

~You are in that of fire burns
deep inside of me~
~Inflaming of my every yearn
for that be ecstasy~
~I want to touch your lips to mine
drink from that within~
~Passion’s potion dewing wine
arousing me in sin~
~Whisper in your ear of love
nibble on your neck~
~Of that be hunger in of lust
suck your rounded breast~
~Lick your body in of length
taste your sultry flesh~
~Inhale your sexy dulcet scent
of that your body’s crest~
~Feel the burn in that of surge
boiling in my blood~
~Inflaming in my every urge
of that in making love~
~Indulge in that between your thighs
of nectarine dulcet~
~Slip my tongue be of inside
of that be warm in wet~
~Take you in be of embrace
make love to you all night~
~In that be all of every way
be love in mesmerized~
~In that to know be of my yearn
cumming into be~
~For that in which the fire burns
a night in ecstasy~
Duke Sherman

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