Thursday, June 21, 2012

Ride The Wings Of Bliss


~Come my Darling Lie with me
complete my fantasy~
~I long the flavor of your lips
the fire in your kiss~
~The hunger in your every sigh
the way they amplify~
~As your passion ever grows
deep within your flow~
~Sensations burning from within
rippling across your skin~
~While I caress your all of length
slowly in descent~
~Unto the inner of your thighs
a nectar of delight~
~A sweet be cumming milky brew
mixing in the spew~ 
 ~Come my Darling Lie with me
complete my fantasy~
~Let me taste your lips of wine
tongues of intertwine~
~Release your fire feel the burn
the passion in your yearn~
~Kiss the beauty of your breast
in gentle tenderness~
~Let us ride the wings of bliss
swim in passions mist~
~Let me make your body scream
of feelings only dreamed~
~From day to night unto the day
make love in every way~
~Fulfilling our every fantasy
engulfed in ecstasy~
Duke Sherman

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