Monday, September 24, 2012


~She is of what
my reason be~
~No if or but
my destiny~
~She owns my heart
she warms my soul~
~She is the part
that makes me whole~
~I love her like
there is no end~
~She is my life
my soul’s transcend~
~My private piece 
of poetry~
~My heart’s reprieve
forever be~
~God shined his light
and blessed me so~
~Renewed my life
and made me whole~
~In Marlin’s love
he gifted me~
~An Angel of
~My praying wish
of every night~
~Her Souling’s Bliss 
she changed my life~
~No longer dark
in loneliness~
~She fills my heart
with tenderness~
~In all she is
she is of all~
~My every wish
of Heaven’s call~
~My mate of soul
she is my life~
~She made me whole
became my wife~
~Forever be 
‘til death do part~
~I promise she
be in my heart~
~In after that
in Heavens Cape ~
~Forever last
she be my mate~
~I pray my God
with thanks of love~
~To never not
want more than of~
~She is my all 
my everything~
~My heaven’s call
she wears my ring~
~I love you Marlin~
Duke Sherman

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