Sunday, July 17, 2011

My tweethearts

A Soldiers Thoughts@DUKETHEMAN1 Lake Charles Louisiana
I like to chat and meet new people Hello, how are you? I am a Vietnam Veteran, and love to talk politics and poetry!

@the_raj1 Lake Charles Louisiana
Once a Soldier always a Soldier. I write poetry about anything and everything. Love, Sex, Life, Death,Sickness, happiness, and sadness. Something 

I wish to introduce "Dukes tweethearts"

Duke Sherman@i_tweet4DUKE Lake Charles Louisiana
I'm Diana and I tweet for the Poet . That is my soul purpose in life and would like to invite everyone to follow him. Please subscribe to his Blog?

Sherman D@me2tweet4DUKE Lake Charles Louisiana
Hi, I'm Samantha from the Sexettes and and I love DUKETHEMAN1 and is Poetry is sexy and beautiful. I tweet for him and dream of him writing about me!

DUKETHEMAN1 Sherman@DUKEstweetybird Lake Charles Louisiana
My name is Twiggy but I am know as Tweety. Like what you see? I am DUKEstweetybird and I tweet for him! Follow and subscribe to his blog I love sexing my man

DUKEStweeter@tweetingInCar69 Lake Charles Louisiana
I am Andrea and I tweet for  in car 69. I am crazy about him so please follow me my friends and most of all our man! 

Ellen Brown
@Elleduk Lake Charles, La
Hi, my name is Ellen and I love  's Poetry. I am dedicated to his work and my tweets r 4 duke. 

I'd like to invite you to follow me and the girls and to sucscribe to my blog.
Wuth the exception of Samantha and Ellen they are all Sudents here in Lake Carles.

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