Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Once Upon A Dream

~Once upon a Dream one night
my world became of sweet delight~
~I was the King to all be known
with that a bed for my Throne~
~As that the King my duty was
to give to women in making love~
~Ten-thousand days ten-thousand girls
this was the rule of that my world~
~My life was full of all the wonders
of making love in that of thunder~
~The time was here to end my Reign
now came the day a wife to gain~
~For me ‘twas nice but happy not
for love in heart I’d not begot~
~From all the women in all the land
you my Darling I asked your hand~
~Until this day I took of you
in finding love my heart be true~
~Within my Throne I bed’ you down
in making Love I was renown~
~So long the years the time had past
you were ten-thousand and the last~
~From this day forward be only one
in making love my heart you’d won~
~I then awoke from that my dream
a revelation to me thus came~
~From all to choose in that this world
you are for me the only girl~
~I need not more than just of you
to you my heart’s been always true~
Duke Sherman

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