Friday, July 8, 2011

My Fantasy Come True

Couple in the underwear_photolibrary
 ~I found myself in fantasy
in that you were of giving of me~
~I laid upon my bed in  raw
as you took my Family Jewels in awe~
~You took in hand my Loving stick
with that your tongue you gave a lick~
~Upon your face a pleasured grin
took in your mouth and sucked it in~
~I felt it travel down your throat
exciting that my every emote~~
~Your head moved motion up and down
hand on base you twisted round~
~So warm you mouth I felt a fire
heating within my all desire~
~You played with that of my Jewels
inside my cum within it’s pool~
~The pleasure sweet the pain so near
I’d not let go I would adhear~
~You’d not give up you said to me
I want to taste so let it be~
~With that a burst of  giant gun
I released the load my thick white cum~
~You tasted it and swallowed down
smiled and asked another round~
~I said of course I want you too
to taste of you I want to do~
~I licked you from your head on down
my tongue in motion round and round~
~I found myself at that your Box
within your juices ran amok~
~Delight I took in tasting of
the nectar from your box of love~
~You came two times in giving me
juices from  abundantly~
~I turned your body and entered you
with that my Stick your box for jewels~
~I stroked it left and to the right
I drove it in and out all night~
~So long we made of that sweet love
so wet and warm your Treasure trove~
~But alas we had climax succumb
no longer possible to hold our cum~
~With that of pleasure beyond control
we both screamed out  profound extol~
~Awoke I did from fantasy
to find you there between my knees~
~A fantasy from you to me
how much better can there ever be~
Duke Sherman 

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