Thursday, June 30, 2011

I'm Crazy For You

~You drive me crazy watching you
arousing me moving the way you do~ 
~Your body beautiful in every way
so very sexy I’m in dismay~
~My handle so hard I cannot bare
throbbing to stand I do not dare~ 
~Come let us make that of love
my lust is such I must have of~
~You’ll not regret I give to you
so hard and firm is that my tool~
~I’ll lick within your sweet desire
drops of sex setting afire~
~As climax cums I’ll take within
tasting sweeter has never been~
~I’ll enter you with my hard tool
 screaming in joy you’ll say I love you~
~My moves to be as tornadoes blow
 round and round up and down ‘til you flow~
~I’ll bring you to of many delight
climaxing countlessly throughout the night~
~And when the morning comes to pass
all before will be surpass~
~You’ll look at me and say again
let’s pretend this night not end~
~I”ll take you in that of kss
say my darling I’m in a bliss~
~Of course we'll take the bed again
for me this night will never end~
Duke Sherman

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