Saturday, June 11, 2011

Let's Listen To MOTOWN

~My Darling the desire my want of
the only woman I’ve ever loved~
~Let’s turn on MOTOWN listen to the songs
I want to love you stay inside you all night long~
~Bring memories back of days we once had 
in times not so very bad~
~When we were young not a worry in the world
and I first asked you to be my girl~
~You know you’re as beautiful today as then
like that of an Angel from Heaven~
~You’ve given me happiness all of our lives
no man on earth could ask for a better wife~
~I’ve loved you for as long as I can remember
and still I dream only of you in slumber~
~Brings to mind when we were only fifteen
we went to the cinema to see James Dean~
~The first time I ever stole your kiss
that night you put me in total bliss~
~You didn’t even get mad you kissed me too
then I knew one day I would marry you~
~I’m Your Puppet my strings are yours 
in control of my heart it’s you I adore~
~Stand by Me like Ben E king would say
you have and never wavered not a day~
~You’ve been there for me when I was sad
made me laugh gave me a reason to be glad~
~You’re my every breath every beat of my heart
nothing on earth can pull us apart~
~I love you~
Duke Sherman 

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