Friday, June 24, 2011

From The Depths Of Hell

~From the depths of Hell like an Angel above
you rescued my life with that of your love~
~Taking pain from my heart making it whole
healing what ill’d me in that of my soul~
~You lit up my darkness now I can see
taking my blindness giving hope onto me~
~Emotions existing I knew not I had
happiness replacing all that was sad~
~Forward in life my dreams are of you
demising my self I no longer do~
~I know now of love whence I did not
bestowed in my heart of an Angel begot~
~No more cold is my soul but warm as if fire
burning deep down inside is but my desire~
~You’re all in my life you’re all I want of
you’re the pure definition of all that is love~
~I love how you bring me coffee in bed
awaking me gently with a kiss on the head~
~Joining me in shower and making of love
doing something special for me just because~
~And walking the beach while holding your hand
all the time thinking myself so a lucky man~
~My life was a void no reason to be
entered you did giving reason to me~
I love you more than infinity I say
growing even more with each passing day~
~I wanted you to know how much I do care
and to be without you I would not bare~
~My Darling Thank You~
Duke Sherman

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