Wednesday, June 8, 2011


~Come lay next to me
let us make love in ecstasy~
~We’ll set this night afire
setting free our every desire~
~Every stroke being better than the last
controlling every motion so not too fast~
~Making the night last as if forever
two bodies as one entangled together~ 
~I want to kiss you and your body’s all
exciting me when it’s my name you call~
~We’ll take the night into our hearts
bond together as one to never be apart~
~Heaven on earth tonight my bed to be
with you my Angel laying next to me~
~Fulfilling my every fantasy of you
and all that you wish I’ll make come true~
~I’ve wanted you since first we met
I’ll confess that night my dream was wet~
~My need is strong I’m about to explode
but tonight my love you’ll loosen my load~
~Come allow me to help you undress
to observe you in total nakedness~
~I’ll carry you bed you down at last 
ending this night in total aghast~
Duke Sherman

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