Sunday, June 5, 2011

Happy Birthday Tyna

~Beautiful is she the one called Tyna
graceful as that of the Ballerina~
~Her hair black long dwelling in luster
a smile to melt man’s heart as if it was butter~
~Angelically born she lacks only her wings 
with the voice of an Angel whenever she sings~
~Soft is her skin layered in chocolate brown
her body being perfectly shaped all around~
~Heaven’s wonders molded by God’s loving hand 
she’s the Dream come true of all mortal man~
~The essence of beauty definition of love
what more on earth can a man want of~
~But her heart’s only for one how lucky is he
for Heaven on earth is his new home to be~
~His life fulfilled having been given her heart
forever and a day ‘til death do they part~
~I’ll be waiting in the wind for I love her too
God help him if ever he makes her blue~
~For her happiness is my only concern
deep within my soul the love will always burn~
~Thinking of her gives me but love in my heart
sadness overwhelms me knowing we’ll be apart~
~Dear God watch over and keep her safe for me
let only love happiness and joy in her life to be~
~And if ever she needs me guide her my way
let it be night or let it be day~
Duke Sherman

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