Tuesday, May 31, 2011

From The Dawn Of Daylight

~From the Dawn of daylight
to the very fall of night~
~My heart hungers but in pain
my soul burns my mind insane~
~Like a Majesty she reigns over me
ruling my every emotion as her's to be~
~She’s the essence of what is love
gifted with the beauty of Angels above~
~Soft spoken and shy she won my heart
it’s her’s for as long as I live ‘til death do I part~
~Many years past many nights I’ve pondered
why I left her arms so I could wander~
~Happiness left as did my very soul
when I left  so many years ago~
~I was young but I loved her and didn’t stay
a cowardly decision that’s haunted me to this day~
~I’ve yearned for her touch once again
to hold her kiss her like I did back then~
~To once again hear her say silly boy you’re my bay
a special name she gave me on our meeting day~
~She’s like no other woman on earth can be
I would do anything to bring her back to me~
~God my God help me I pray to you
guide me in all that I must do~
~Show me the way back into her heart
bond us together again never to part~
Duke Sherman

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