Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

~I lost my Mom not long ago
~she was young not very old~
~I miss my Mon I really do
to this day for her I’m blue~
~She was more than my Mom
she was a sister and a confidant~
~We spent many hours through the night
sitting at the table talking until daylight~
~I loved my Mom and miss her much
and the feeling of her soft and gentle touch~
~We had a bond her and I
and it didn’t go away when she died~
~I know she’s here with me every day
guiding me every step of the way~
~She’s on my mind and in my heart
in this way we can never be apart~
~Mother’s day is hard for me
for my mom is not here for me to see~
~But I wish all the Moms out there today
a very Happy Mother’s day in every way~
           ~I Love You Mom~
Duke Sherman

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