Wednesday, May 4, 2011

You're Free

~Why must I live the way I do
why must it be without you~
~It causes me so much sorrow
to where I can see no tomorrow~
~My heart bleeds and and takes on pain
and my mind is slowly going insane~
~The fire deep within in my soul
once warm has died and grown cold~
~My purpose in life has reason no more
it was lost when you walked out that door~
~Now I sit in wander each and every day 
not knowing why you chose to go astray~
~My life once happy has fallen to past
and left me in sadness and aghast~
~Please tell me help me to understand
why you left me for another man~
~I loved you with all I had to give
you were my only reason to live~
~You took from me my heart’s destiny
and turned it into utter hurt and misery~
~Now I pray my life to come to end
this pain no longer can I attend~
~For you I say you're set free 
 you're free from all that was of me~
Duke Sherman

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