Tuesday, May 24, 2011

A Second Chance

~I’ve taken the first step to the last
to reconnect with the love of my past~
~I need her so very much
I still remember her touch~
~Her body pressed against mine
giving me pleasure so very divine~
~Bringing me to sweet Ecstasy
and a burning desire to please~
~I remember with passion our kiss
and the sweet like honey taste of her lips~
~A time in my life I’ll never forget
the one thing in my life I don’t regret~
~I Need to have her back in my life
I love her and want her as my wife~
~My soul and heart are on fire
for this girl I have not but desire~
~Long ago many years have past
my feelings for her have been ever last~
~I’ll keep and love her always
for eternity forever and a day~
~My heart's been made young again
and I’m happier than I’ve ever been~
~Love is strange but so Grand it is
oh how I miss her and her sweet kiss~
~But God is great and he's been good to me
a second chance with her and happiness to be~
Duke Sherman

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