Saturday, May 28, 2011

A Mistake Regreted

I have reconnected with the love of my life. My Soul mate. I left this girl so very long ago in San Francisco Ca. over 40 years ago! She found me. I lost touch with her. I was stupid and very young. It was a mistake that cost me dearly! I have never been able to feel real love for a woman like I did and do for Lisa! My god, what did I do? But God brought her back to me. I always knew there was something that prevented me from being able to be in true love. It was because I never fell out of love with Lisa! If you are young, please never make the mistake I did! I’ve been unhappy for all these years. I’ve been married several times and I just couldn’t do it! I love every one of my children with all my heart and soul! But my happiness has never been there! I have often thought God was punishing me because of the war and the things I did in that war! But that is not the case, God is merciful and forgives all! My pain has been of my own making. If I had just been more upfront and had expressed my feelings to her, God how happy I could’ve been and to be with her, my true dream girl! I have written the past several poems for her! They are my true feelings and fact! Again I must express»»Don’t do as I did«« Be happy and love her now!
I am writing this because I consider you part of my family and I love my Blogspot, and tumblr family! Every one of you that read my material has helped me overcome much of my depression caused by PTSD! Every Like and comment I receive is God sent and I appreciate it more than anyone could ever know! THANK YOU all from the bottm of my heart and soul! 


  1. I really do this. I found my love in a special place, far from where a lived. So, I moved to there, just for don't lose my love.

    Thank you to share

  2. Hey Duke,

    thank you so very much for sharing this :D

    I tried to contact you via email like 2 weeks ago and haven't heard from you (which isn't ment as a blame or so), I'd really like to get in touch, for once because I love to meet new people, socialiaze in real life and internet, think your poets are turly amazing!
    I also have a few questions, but those I don't want to duscuss public ;)

    Please contact me :)


  3. Wow how true lost loves sadly my lost love was killed on a motor bikeI his friend also who was on the frount Peter18 & Micheal 17 killed by a drunk driver
    not many days go by that I don't think of him I'm great friends with all his family and my Son is named after him my son is 19 a age my true love never got to see
    I also have a beautiful daughter & a husband I couldn't ask to be a better Father or friend
    thanku for you poems & thoughts you can tell they are from the heart
    Yours Sue xoxo