Sunday, May 1, 2011

Nikki Soon To Be

 ~My Nikki my baby my little girl
still the prettiest in all the world~
~Soon you’ll have one of your own
I can’t believe how fast you’ve grown~
~Now that you’re about to be a mom
your moment in history will come~
~The child within is destined to be great
changing that of the world’s worst fate~
~Of you I’m proud in every way
anxiously I await that special day~
~To hold the little one within my grasp
and reminisce about times gone past~
~Remembering the baby I bounced on my knee
and the happiness and joy she brought to me~
~That pretty little girl’s now a woman beautiful
and still carries upon her face a special glow~
~I wish you not but unconditional love 
 and all the happiness in this world of~
~To raise your child to grow up strong
and practice the rules of right from wrong~
~And that your destiny brings to you
your every wish and dream come true~
~I love you Nikkie I love you true
always and forever I’ll be there for you~
Duke Sherman

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