Friday, May 13, 2011

Her First Time

~Come my Darling lay with me
make true to life my fantasy~
~Yes I love you yes I do
I want to make sweet love to you~
~I’ll kiss you here I’ll kiss you there
and yes I’ll kiss you everywhere~
~I’ll be gentle I’ll be slow
I’ll teach you all you need to know~
~We’ll make love all through the night
only breaking come daylight~
~I’m meant for you and you for me
soon we’ll reach an ecstasy~
~And when I start to feel the pain
oh my Darling I’ll refrain~
~I’ll make it last throughout the night
as to carry on until daylight~
~How much I love you this I say
it’s more than life in every way~
~Thank you Darling thank you true
thank you Darling for being you~
~Thank you too for Wedding me
and making true my destiny~
Duke Sherman

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