Monday, May 9, 2011

I Miss You

~I wish I knew what to do
I’m so lonely without you~
~I cannot sleep at night
without you by my side~
~You’re all I ever think of
my Darling I need your love~
~My heart aches my soul burns
for you my darling I forever yearn~
~I hunger for your sweet kiss 
the taste of your inviting lips~
~The scent of you still fills the air
to be without you I cannot bare~
~I reminisce often of our life
and the day you became my wife~
~We had a good life together
why could it not last forever~
~Why did God take you from me
you were my only reason to be~
~I can only hope as I pray
I’ll join you in Heaven one day~
~I love you now Darling as I did then
my love for you will never end~
Duke Sherman

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