Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I Desire You!


~Always for you I’ve got desire
my blood runs hot as if on fire~
~My heart races in locomotion
and brings to lust my every emotion~
~Shiver I do when thinking of you
I want to make love with you I do~
~I think of how your luscious lips
taste as honey so sweet your kiss~
~And how your body brings to me
from within delight so Heavenly~
~You’ve filled my heart with not but love
my thoughts are you and all I think of~
~A dream come true you entered my life
fulfilling my wish becoming my wife~
~You treat like a man should be
with love respect and dignity~
~You leave me breathless and in a daze
in all you do I am amazed~
~You are my day you are my night
of all my life you are the light~
~No man on earth’s more lucky than me
no man on earth can ever be~
~To have to hold and know you’re mine
with a heart a soul and beauty divine~
~I’m blessed you see to have you be
in my life the better half a part of me~
Duke Sherman

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