Monday, May 30, 2011

From Across The Sea Came A Voice

~My heart has but one love
my darling it’s you I speak of~
~Too many years have gone by
many a night alone I’ve silently cried~
~My soul lost deep in the past
of the time we spent together last~
~I love you please understand
without you I am but half a man~
~Now that you and I again could be
brings happiness once had back to me~
~Something I haven’t had in years
the reason for my silent tears~
~You’re all I want my heart and soul
I need you back in my life this I know~
~To stand with me in all that I do
and I to stand with only you~
~You’re on my mind night and day
within my heart you’ve always stayed~
~You mean to me as the world turns
the desire for you inside me burns~
~My darling it burns so hot I cannot bare
at night it’s your image at I do stare~
~You’re as beautiful today as you were then
to you God his hand of grace he has lent~
~I miss you my darling I miss you with all my heart
I can no longer bare this existence of being apart~
~I dreamt of us together once again and awoke
when you weren’t there my heart was broke~
~I made a mistake when I left long ago
and it’s caused me many a year of woe~ 
~The last we met you gifted me with a kiss
like honey were the juices that wet your lips~
~I remember with ease our last night together
a memory of I’ll keep in my heart forever~
~I love you and would do anything for your love
I’ve prayed for it often to my God above~
~Finally I heard you call my name bay
this was a special name only you would say~
~The girl I loved but didn’t have the courage to tell
for this my life has been not but Hell~
~I cannot love another I’ve tried without success
causing me much stress and under duress~
~I’ve been alone now the last seven years
almost given up to die alone I’ve feared~
~But came that beautiful voice from across the sea
a second chance I thought could it be~
~You’re all I’ve ever wanted in life I need you so
let’s take that chance and make a go~
~Let’s make the memories of our past
a reality to be in present at last~
~My dream you are and have always been
with that please accept these kisses I send~
~I love you~
Duke Sherman~

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