Sunday, May 22, 2011

Maybe It's True What They Say About Destiny

~Finally I can see an end to my misery
the love of my life may come back to me~
~Just the thought of her back in my life
brings to me joy and happiness inside~
~Reminiscent of our times in the past
hoping to repeat them in ever last~
~The girl of my dreams the desire of my heart
never again to be apart~
~Maybe true what they say about destiny
she’ll find you no matter the place may be~
~I’ve been struck in the heart with Cupid’s arrow
like a hawk from the sky swooping down on a sparrow~
~She’s captured me and owns my soul
my only wish is to love her and love her so~
~I never lost what I had for this girl
she’s the only one for me in this world~
~What luck God bringing us back together
this time I’ll make it last forever~
~Lisa I’ve lost touch but never the love
now you’re all I can think of~
Duke Sherman

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