Wednesday, May 11, 2011

From Bad To Good

~My life’s so much better
since we’ve been together~
~You’ve taken me from bad to good
and made me feel as a man should~
~Before you I had no life
my world was not but that of strife~
~My heart was cold ‘twas full of hate
to socialize I’d hesitate~
~So many times I’d been cheated on
taken advantage of by everyone~
~My life was full of loneliness
and buried deep within abyss~
~I prayed to God my life to end
instead an Angel he did send~
~You entered my heart ended the hate
we fell in love you became my mate~
~You filled my life with happiness
and took away the loneliness ~
~You restored my soul and gave me hope
suddenly my life was in poetic strophe~
~ I sang aloud my love for you
sometimes acting as a fool~
~Never I dreamed my life could be
enlightened by a woman in love with me~
~God shed is Grace on me with you
and saved my life from the Devil’s due~
~Surely was I headed to Hell one day
for all my sins and my ways~
~Reversed it was when you entered my life
thank God thank God you became my wife~
~I love you more than all can be
I’ll love you for all eternity~
Duke Sherman

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