Friday, May 27, 2011

Awake I Stay

~My Darling my love my dream come true
my mind is full with only thoughts of you~
~Awake through the lonely nights I stay
wishing to look to my side and see you lay~
~My heart hungers it pains for your love
nothing more in life is there I want of~
~To hold you in my arms like I did last
make love again like we did in the past~
~To look in your eyes and say I love you
show you with my heart how much I do~
~My life is null I have no life to be
without you in it and next to me~
~I’ve missed your touch so soft it was
causing me to shake with sensual wondrous~ 
~I need once again to make love to you
hear you once again say more please do~
~To go to sleep with you by my side at night
and see you first as I wake come daylight~
~No better can any man on earth ask for
than you in their life to be adored~
~I think back to the house of your Grandad
that was the last time I was really not sad~
~You fulfilled my every dream of a woman
I was so happy to be your man~
~I wish with all my heart I really do
that I would’ve stayed with you~
~I need you Lisa I need you so very much
you and yes that most gratifying touch~
~Give me back the only woman I ever loved
I need nothing more nor want more of~
~I love you and want everyone to know
and I never want again to let you go~
~You’re the only girl for me will ever be
come back to your Bay come back to me~
~Always your Bay~
Duke Sherman

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