Saturday, May 28, 2011

I'm Lonely For Her

~Another lonely night has passed me by
bringing sadness and tears to my eyes~
~I’m in need of the one girl from my past
so many years gone since I’ve seen her last~ 
~My loneliness my pain has taken it’s toll
so foolish I was to leave her I know~
~My heart has been broken so many years
happiness nonexistent causing many tears~
~I’ve been but half a man without her in my life
so much anguish pain and strife~
~She was everything I ever wanted and I left
my ignorance gifted my heart and soul with bereft~
~A chance to correct the past to right a wrong
oh how I’ve waited and suffered for so long~
~My life lost it’s purpose when I left long ago
but has returned to me and I cannot let go~
~She is the one my soul mate the love of my life
without her’s like being stuck in my heart with a knife~
~My heart hurts can only be healed with her love 
she’s all on my mind I can think of~
~I’d do anything for her I’d give her the world
to have her back in my life to be my girl~
~When I reminisce I often do of long ago
I think of that sweet night back in San Francisco~
~It was the only time in my life I was really happy
she was so beautiful soft spoken and chose me~
~She was my Goddess my Athena from Olympus
to this day she is the only one I want to be with~
~I’ve tried but my heart has never seen it through
to turn back the hands of time anything I would do~
~To stay say I love you and make a life
God why did I never make her my wife~
~The price I paid is a terrible price to pay
I lost my heart my soul happiness in every way~
~I love her and I always will ‘til the day I die
more than the sun the moon and stars in the sky~
~As I lay down to sleep this night to be
I will pray to God please bring her back to me~
~Then I will visit her where she now resides
deep within my mind my dreams inside~
~I’ll take her in my arms and hold on tight
make sweet love to her throughout the night~
~Now I must go my ticket to Heaven awaits
I have myself a dream date~
Duke Sherman

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