Sunday, May 15, 2011


~Many years past long ago
I met a girl in San Francisco~
~She was sexy quite the Diva
very Beautiful her name was Lisa~
~Attracted to her from first we met
in my heart a fire had been set~ 
~She was petite a body slender
with a demeanor oh so very tender~
~My heart sped my desires burned
to be with her from within I yearned~
~I asked her out for the night
we were together ‘til daylight~
~I remember our first kiss
her taste was sweet I was in bliss~
~Her body warmed my soul that night
giving me comfort in love’s delight~
~So much pleasure she gave to me
fulfilling my every fantasy~
~As I sit here alone in reminisce
my thoughts are of our first kiss~
~I never told her I wanted to stay
a regret I’ll carry for all my days~
~The girl of my dreams I left in the past
a time in my life I wished ever last~
Duke Sherman

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