Saturday, May 21, 2011

Fantasy's Definition

~Once upon a lifetime ago
lived a young man in San Francisco~
~He yearned for a certain girl
no more beautiful in all the world~
~She was his very dream come true
‘twas nothing for her he wouldn’t do~
~He lusted for to make her his
to be the one to own her kiss~
~His heart was fast and burned as fire
from deep within was so his desire~
~She took his love the first day
and possessed it in all and every way~ 
~A girl like her comes but once in life
the kind of girl that makes you alive~
~One who’ll say I love you
and mean every word so very true~
~Who’ll make you feel like a man
the way only a woman who cares can~
~When you’re feeling under the wearher
with a simple kiss she’d make you feel better~
~This girl was perfect and she sill is
and I still lust for another kiss~
~Sometimes I dream awake at her picture
of how she and I could’ve made a future~
~I sometimes fantasize of her and I
and it brings tears to my eyes~
~So much joy this girl she gave to me
she was and is the definition of Fantasy~
~I left her in the past and regretted it all my life 
this decision for me has been but strife~
~A girl so sweet beautiful and perfect in every way
I still have feelings for her to this very day~
Duke Sherman

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