Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Soul Mates

~Your lips are sweeter than wine
you have a body so very fine
I’ll love you ‘til the end of time~
~You’re for me my given destiny
a second chance to be happy
with the only girl in my life for me~
~I need you Lisa with all my heart
I never again want to be apart
a new life together we can start~
~You were and are the only one to
make me feel the feelings I do
My Darling I love you~
~I ponder my thoughts when I write
where my words of poetry come to light
and they take me back to a special night~
~When we were young back in the day
and we were playful and together did lay
never again have I ever felt that way~
~I was a fool this I know to be true
I was young  didn’t know what to do
but Lisa I really did love you~
~I’ve paid a terrible price for going away
I never told you but God I wanted to stay
I loved you then as I do this very day~
~But you found me for a reason must be
I was meant for you and you for me
and we are about to meet our destiny~
~My Darling I say to you this is fate
we are and always have been soul mates
even though we’re separated  by states~ 
~Come back be with me again
we’ll make it better than way back then
this time for keeps never will it end~
~Always Your Bay~
Duke Sherman

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