Monday, May 23, 2011

Take That Leap

~Hello my Darling it’s me again
you know the guy from way back when~
~I went to sleep thinking of you
it brought to light my feelings true~
~I love you my heart I give to you 
like no man on earth could ever do~
~So be it mine and be it yours
our hearts together forever more~
~I regret never telling you long ago
but we were young not very old~
~You lit up my life with just a smile
a feeling of joy I haven’t had in awhile~
~Now with the chance of having you again
makes me happier than I’ve ever been~
~My life without you I cannot see
you are my life my destiny~
~I’ll take you in my arms and hold you tight
never let go with all my might~
~I never thought I'd hear from you again
when I did it was Heaven sent~
~Now you’re my passion my only wish
to taste once more your sweet kiss~
~I’ve missed you more than I can say
the agony's been with me all my days~
~So take that leap come back to me
let’s finalize our life’s destiny~
Duke Sherman

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