Sunday, May 1, 2011

Democratic Poetry Contest

Democratic PoetRY CONTEST Duke Sherman Your poems will circulate until July 15thVote & rate ten or more times to reset circulation. It takes up to 24 hours to reset. You can publish three poems per calendar month.   I Love You In Every Way

~Please believe me when I say 
that I love you in every way~ 
~From the first that we met 
I knew my future had been set~ 
~I fell in love with you that day 
never have nor will I stray~ 
~I love you more than I did then 
and I’m happier than I’ve ever been~ 
~You’re the air I breath that makes me live 
the very essence of my soul to me you give~ 
~Just a single thought of you ignites me afire 
my every emotion burns in passion’s desire~ 
~When you lay down by my side in the night 
I catch myself watching you in midnight delight~ 
~You’re always there for me when I’m in need 
comporting me when my heart does bleed~ 
~You gave me joy when times were bad 
always managing to take away the sad~ 
~You give me strength when I’m weak 
with just a simple kiss on the cheek~ 
~I thank God for you every day 
~I love you in every way~ 
Duke Sherman
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