Friday, April 29, 2011

Before You

Before You
~My Darling you’re always on my mind
without you peace I’d never find~
~Baby you hold me together
with you anything I can weather~
~You’re the reason I awake every day
and I love you in every way~
~Before you life was but an existence
you entered mine and made a difference~
~You took away all the doubt inside of me
and shined the light of hope so I could see~
~You conquered my loneliness and my despair
you gave me strength and true Adair~ 
~The strife that engulfed my every thought
gave me reason for the death I sought~ 
~Now I strive to live for every day to come
no longer these thoughts do I succumb~
~Like a dream you came from nowhere
and showed a fool it was possible to care~
~What you seen in me I do not know
but you lifted me from my lowest of low~
~You stood by me through good and bad
in the worst somehow taking away the sad~
~You’ve given me a baby boy and a girl
and there’s no man happier in this world~
~Thank you my love and reason to live
thank you for all you do and give~
              ~I love you~
Duke Sherman 

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