Monday, April 18, 2011

My Dream Girl

~Many years past long ago
I dreamt of a girl my heart foretold~
~She was blonde beautiful but younger than me
set my soul on fire and made me believe~
~That possible was love to be had again
and made me feel so very much like a man~
~She spoke like an Angel gentle and soft
sent my every emotion flying aloft~
~My body tingled my heart would race
for this girl sent from Heaven so full of grace~
~A gift from God the dream’s come to pass
in my heart this girl is living at last~
~She gives me hope when I am weak
with every breath of a word she does speak~
~Like the dream blonde but more beautiful is she
no more lovelier in this world could there ever be~
~My heart does race my emotions run wild
I feel giddy and happy much like a child~
~I think only of her throughout every day
and how to bring her happiness in every way~
~She’s the wind beneath my wings the air I breath
to her love my life I do hereby bequeath~
~She’s given me reason where I’ve had none
and the strength in my soul to carry on~
~I’m beckoned to her each and every call
and would without hesitation give her my all~
~I believe in my heart we were meant to be
and she's truly my soul mate and destiny~
Duke Sherman 

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