Friday, April 1, 2011


~God created his image in man
molding him from clay with loving hands~
~He provided within man a soul
so his conscience would be in control~
~He gave man eyes so he could cry
so not to hold his tears inside~
~He gave man a mouth so he could eat
nourishment so hunger him wouldn’t defeat~
~He gave man ears so he could hear
the sound of danger whenever near~
~He gave man the means to work the land
so he could feed himself by his own hand~
~He gave man legs to walk away
and live to be another day~
~He gave man woman to call his mate
and warned him never to forsake~
~God gave woman one of man’s ribs
he took it from the section of his mid~
~So not to be below him or above
but to live as equals in God’s love~
~Satin enticed them to taste an apple to be wise
that’s the reason we’re born to die~
~Immortality man once had
before that day he made God sad~
~Taken from The Garden of Eden and sent away
never to return another day~
~Without immortality man would die
reproduction God would apply~
~He gave woman children to bare
and childbirth with great despair~
~God gave children hidden wings
to their parents joy they’d bring~
~Angels created by God in Heaven
and given the sweet touch of innocents~
~For the sake of the world and mankind
and for God’s own peace of mind~
~In the end God gave his only begotten son
to die on the cross for everyone~
Duke Sherman

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