Thursday, March 31, 2011

Here I Go Again

~Here I go again
reminiscing of way back when~
~Times long ago passed
and loved ones gone alas~
~My Mother’s love when I was young
and the Bedtime rhymes to me she sung~
~The Brotherhood I had in my Best Friend
 he passed away so early in the end~
~My Brothers and sisters so far apart
I keep them all within my heart~
~Serving my Country was my greatest pride
for her I would’ve proudly died~
~I miss the Comraderie of my Brothers in Arms
and the trust in each other that it forms~
~I miss sharing my life with a good woman
the love between a woman and a man~
~I miss the times of Fatherhood
watching my Children grow from Childhood ~
~But the future is still to be
I only hope I’ll be here to see~
~To see my Children’s dreams come true
in all the endeavors they pursue~
~These are thoughts close to me
and are embedded deep within my memories~
Duke Sherman

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