Monday, March 28, 2011

Daddy's Little Girl

~In the heart of every Father
resides a special bond with his daughter~
~There’s nothing in this world
he wouldn’t do for Daddy’s little girl~
~When Daddy’s little girl is in need
for her his heart will bleed~
~If she’s in trouble Daddy’s there
no matter what or anywhere~
~When she needs a strong shoulder to cry on
always to Daddy she will run~
~Every boy in her life better pass muster
God help him if he dishonors her luster~
~Mom is there for the facts of life
but it’s Daddy she runs to for advice~
~Daddy’s there for her every step of her life
even putting her before his wife~
~Mom brought her into this world on that special day
but it will be up to Daddy to give her away~
~The first dance will belong to Daddy~
Duke Sherman

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