Friday, March 11, 2011

My Daughter

November eighteenth of seventy-seven,
born to me a baby from heaven!
I gave her the name of Rachael,
taken from that of the Holy Bible!
In the Army I traveled the world,
always taking along my little girl!
When she was of the age of three,
the Army sent me to the Turkey!
Two years later when she was five,
I was stationed in Fort Riley!
I raised her the very best that I could,
but she tended to run the neighborhood!
Rachael was bit of a of a wild little girl,
but I loved her more than all the world!
I bought for her a pink “Big Wheels” bike,
one day she took it and gave me a fright!
She road it across the Base,
Found her with tears running down her face!
Over the years as she grew older,
that little girl became much bolder! 
Some years later I divorced her Step-mom,
and we moved to another town!
She gave me such a hard time,
that she drove me out of my mind!
But she was my child and I loved he so,
more than anyone in this world could know!
When she was sixteen she ran off with a boy,
and left behind all her little girl toys!
Thing happen to all in this big world,
for me I had lost my little girl!
Now my little girl’s at the age of thirty-three,
and has children of her own numbering three!
I never gave up on my baby from Heaven,
born November eighteenth of seventy-seven!
I love her as much now as I did then,
that special day way back when!
Duke Sherman

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