Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Jackass And The Elephant

The Jackass or Elephant,
which one do you want?
The Jackass says  : tax them to death,
the Elephant says : give them a rest!
The Jackass says  : we know what’s best,
again the Elephant: says give them a rest!
The Jackass says  : I’m going on vacation,
the Elephant says : you’re screwing the Nation!
The Jackass says  : spend more money,
the Elephant says : that idea’s crummy!
The Jackass says  : your hindering the process„
the Elephant says : you put this nation under duress!
The Jackass says  : the people like us better,
the Elephant says : you made us a debtor!
The Jackass says  : you must spend to get out of debt,
the Elephant says : we’re broke and our system’s under threat!
The Jackass says  : keep Roe verses Wade,
the Elephant says : another mistake made!
The Jackass says  : no prayer in School,
The Elephant says : another stupid rule!
The Jackass says  : we need bigger Government,
The Elephant says : it’s not good management!
The Jackass says  : Bush made this mess,
The Elephant says : Obama’s not blameless!
The Jackass says  : we’re voting this hour,
The Elephant says : you no longer have power!
The Jackass says  : you’re playing dirty,
The Elephant says : your judgement’s murky!
Back and forth it goes on,
each thinking they have the better paragon! 
They say that this is Democracy,
I say it’s Demonocracy!
Make a choice before it’s to late,
in your hands lay this Country’s fate!
Duke Sherman

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