Wednesday, March 30, 2011


~Tonight I received a pleasant surprise
that nearly brought tears to my eyes~
~My little girl called me just to say
Daddy I love you by the way~ 
I guess sometimes I feel forgotten
by my children naturally begotten~
~I love each and every one of them
and at times I wish them young again~
~I miss holding and giving them my love
sometimes when alone that’s all I think of~
~I wasn’t there for them much of the time
circumstances dictated I leave them behind~
~I love my children now as I did then
and I’ll love my children when I meet my end~
~My little girl is a mom with two of her own now
sometimes putting me in a state of awe and wow~
~She’s always been her Daddy’s little girl
 and always will be until I leave this world~
              ~I Love You Jojo~
Duke Sherman

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