Monday, March 7, 2011


Unhappiness looms upon my head,
sometimes I wish myself be dead!
So long I’ve been alone,
no one to call my own!
My heart begs each passing day,
for a woman’s love to come my way!
Her soft and gentle touch,
I miss so very much!
The sweet taste of her moist lips,
pressed against mine embraced in kiss!
The warmth of her body in bed next to me,
I pray again that will come to be!
Having someone return your love,
what more can there be to want of?
Memories of long walks holding hands,
the feeling it gave me as a man!
The pride I had when others looked our way,
and I heard them say:
Why can’t we be that way?
I’ve been so lonely all these years,
I’ve shed so very many tears!
Is my destiny to never know live again,
will I be alone when I meet my end?
Duke Sherman

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