Saturday, March 19, 2011

Beautiful And Serine Like A Sweet Melody

Free Photo of A Single Red Rose
Beautiful and serine like a sweet melody,
your heart sings the song of love to me!
Every night by my side close do you lay,
until the beginning of the next day!
My mind’s filled with not but of you,
my soul burns with desire like a fiery brew! 
You’re the one thing in my life true and real,
as if in Heaven my life’s been surreal!
Like the sun in the day and the moon at night,
you brighten my life and give me sight!
You’ve given me hope when I’ve had none,
and the strength I needed to carry on!
When my mind had a void you filled the hole,
you’re the part of me that makes me whole!
Stronger my love grows with each passing day,
beyond infinity for you in every way!
You’ve given me substance to my existence,
and helped me to go the distance!
My destiny’s clear without you there’s none,
beautiful and serine love’s melody is sung!
Duke Sherman

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