Sunday, March 20, 2011

My Guardian Angel

 From the time I was born to the present,
I’ve had the protection of an Angel God sent!
She’s there for the good times and the bad,
when I’m happy and I’m sad!
She was there to fight beside in Vietnam,
comfort me and keep me calm!
She kept me safe when harm was near,
and chased away all my fear!
The evil that would do me wrong, 
was replaced with an Angel’s song!
She guides me down the path of life,
and helps me deal with all the strife!
She carries the burden of all my pain,
and keeps my mind from going insane!
In times of loneliness and of need,
my Guardian Angel talks to me!
When Satin tried to enter my life,
with her sword she did strike!
She sent him back to Hell again,
out of my life he would remain!
No matter what may come to be,
she spreads her wings over me!
And when my life comes to an end,
she’ll help my soul to Heaven ascend!
Duke Sherman

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