Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Feed The Heart Like A Fire

 Desire’s Flame
Like a mountain; love is a hard climb,
the path's sometimes difficult to find!
Obstacles always in the way,
but the course you must stay!
Wondering what you were thinking of,
so is the road you take to love!
But you continue forward and carry on,
for the prize and glory is just beyond!
As you close in on the mountain’s peak,
you feel such a wondrous mystique! 
Your heart beats faster with delightfulness,
you experience amazing awesomeness!
Finally you reach the point of climax,
but still you can’t just yet relax!
You must set up camp and build a warm fire,
in the heart and soul it’s known as desire!
Never letting the flame burn out and die,
never bringing tears to your Lover’s eyes!
Like a fire you must feed to keep alive,
so is the heart if Love’s to survive!
Duke Sherman

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